Have you Heard of Sniffspot?

If you have not heard about Sniffspot then let me introduce you to this great concept! Sniffspot is a website and app that gives dog owners an opportunity to rent participating private backyards and acreages who want space to exercise their dogs OFF LEASH!  Unlike public dog parks which can be very unsanitary and uncertain, your dog will have the whole space to themselves or you can invite other dog friends to join for a play date in a neutral setting.  It’s a great opportunity to practice training exercises, play, or just sit and enjoy a new setting.

Belle and Sufi approved!

This is a great alternative for families with reactive dogs who become overstimulated by other dogs, or dogs who have anxiety and become overwhelmed.  Part of my advice to clients has always been to take their dogs to new places for new scents and experiences.  Sniffspot may be a great addition to your regimen!

This location is a farm setting we explored with 2 acres fully fenced in.

Each Sniffspot is a unique private property.  Some are small fenced-in backyards and others are acreages. Some properties are in town and others are rural. Not every Sniffspot is fenced in and you are advised to read the profile to be sure it is suitable for your needs. You can rent spaces for 1-hour blocks and rates are set by the property owner. I have seen some rates as low as $6.00  and as high as $12.00 per dog per hour, but these can change.  There can also be options for 50% off the second dog and so on.  When you rent a time slot no one else can rent that time so you are assured the space is yours!

Depending on your location you may or may not see Sniffspots near you, but keep checking since new spots become available as property owners join.

Here are a few basic recommendations to make your experience safe and fun when visiting a property:

  • Take time to investigate properties for anything which can be harmful to your dog before releasing your dog on the property.  
  • Check the fencing to be sure it is secure and has no holes for your dog to get out.
  • Check for any plants in the landscape that may be harmful to your dog.
  • Bring your own water.  Water is sometimes provided but sudden changes in water can upset a dog’s digestive system.
  • Check for snakes.
  • Pick up the poop!  (Be a good guest!)
  • Make sure all gates are closed, before releasing your dog.  Unlike dog parks that have double gate entries, private properties do not have this feature.
  • You can also read Sniffspots Trust Page for more guidance.

The benefit of experiencing new places with your dog(s) are immense and Sniffspot is giving people and their dogs new opportunities for enrichment and getting that energy out!

And finally…this is simply my review of Sniffpot, I am not associated with Sniffspot and not receiving any compensation from Sniffspot for writing this post. I am just sharing my thoughts on what appears to be a cool idea.

Have a great day!

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