Have you ever noticed that people are more inclined to greet a total stranger and strike up a conversation when either has a dog beside them?  Have you and your dog ever met another person with a dog? Your dogs meet, you tell each other your dog’s name, how old, what type they are, then walk on… never taking the time to shake hands, say a word about who you are, or even your name?  WHY IS THAT?  I’ve asked many people that very question and most everyone says that happened to them.  I feel dogs have become our personal ambassadors in this increasingly (dis)connected virtual world, while we become more distant from the natural world.

Case in point…dogs now have their own Instagram Accounts and yet no dog is really following another dog on Instagram, instead, it is us connecting to each other through our dogs!

Dogs bring us closer to people and are awesome life teachers.  People ask me who have been my dog training mentors over the years and while I can name several key influences… the real teachers have been, are, and always will be…you guessed it… the dogs I work with.  I feel my job is more than training your dog to “SIT” on cue… my job is to help cultivate a stronger connection between you both!

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