Puppy Development

Puppy development is focused on creating an adult dog that will be stable in mind, sound in body, and rich in character. We are providing direction, structure, and support to encourage your puppy’s growth while creating a relationship built on trust and respect that will last for a lifetime.

Puppy Development Includes:

  • What to do when you bring your puppy home for the first time
  • House Training and Potty Schedule
  • Chewing and Redirection
  • How to meet new things, new people, and new places
  • How to teach children to handle puppies
  • How to play games with your puppy for maximum growth
  • How to mentally stimulate your puppies growing mind
  • Connection exercises to build your relationship
  • How to introduce your puppy to other dogs
  • How to explore the world with your puppy
  • How to help your puppy negotiation stressful events.

If you are considering a puppy in your future I also provide consultations to help guild you through the decision process and find the best fit for your family and lifestyle!

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