Salem, Devon and Blake

I feel like Brian magically appeared during a time when I was seriously looking for a trainer. My pup is amazing but she is an only child and a Covid pup on top of that so positive socialization was a top priority, as she had some negative experiences she was learning to forget.

From the moment I first messaged Brian, I got the sense we were in good hands. Kind and calculated, he laid out a plan for assessment and sessions to build confidence back in my pup and us parents.

Every sessions we’ve had overflows with value and education and good times. I feel more confident about reading my dog and being there to reassure her and guide her and she feels more positive about new interactions and doesn’t feel as overwhelmed due to our heightened communication.

I highly recommend Brian and his services. His pup Belle is also a perfect training companion for dogs who need to be reminded that there are good dogs out there to meet and make friends with.

Roo and Rebecca

Brian’s deftness in working with dogs is impressive enough, but his unique ability to combine that talent with exceptional people skills is what makes him such a formidable trainer. He can and will improve the relationship you have with your dog, and most importantly, he’ll do so by making you more aware of how you and your pup are communicating and why that might be, even keeping in mind to what degree the dog’s breed may be playing a role.

Our first sessions were focused on overcoming my dog’s fear of certain wood floors and footbridges; within a couple hours, Brian had her navigating a ‘problem’ store with the same exuberance that she displays in most public places. She had been outright refusing to approach even the inclines leading to particular bridges—in short order, she has progressed to making her way out to nearly half the distance across expanses over the whole of the Neuse River.

I needed reassuring that I wouldn’t exacerbate my dog’s phobias with repeated attempts at trouble spots. Brian was forthright about the long-term nature of the effort that would be required and the importance of repetition. He has also formulated a strategy for establishing boundaries on my property and improving recall off-leash, both of which were high priorities on the quality-of-life wishlist.

Brian’s thoughtful and detailed follow-up notes are enormously beneficial; they prompt me to dedicate some time to thinking about my actions as they relate to my dog’s behavior. Brian unobtrusively brings some structure and mindfulness to my approach, overcoming my general dislike of hard and fast rules, plans, etc as only a skilled ‘coach’ could.

I cannot overstate how beneficial it has been to have Brian invested in my dog’s growth, and I have no doubt that she and I will continue to overcome obstacles with his guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Brian Ezzell Dog Training!

Lola and Mary

We have only had one session so far with Brian but wow, what difference in our little puppy,! She has quickly caught on to small commands such as, sit, down, wait and “leave it.” a few quick tips have made life with a puppy so much easier! She finally has interest in her crate, waits for eye contact to come out. One consult has made such a huge difference! We can not thank you enough! We are currently working on socialization and will need some more help soon with proper walking on a leash! You are truly a dog whisperer!

PINTO, Anna and Rodrigo

“Hi Brian! I just wanted to check in about Pinto. We think he’s doing really really well!! It’s been slow but steady progress, working on his anxiety spots. One huge success is being able to walk right past the butcher shop! (For the most part haha). 
There are still some sticky spots, places where he won’t even get out of the car, but we’re being patient with those. I just wanted to say thank you for the spot on advice you gave us, we are so happy with the changes we’re seeing.”

Bubby and Ken

Brian is awesome at training people! Oh, doggies too. He has a unique perspective that is very helpful. The guy is Genuine and caring. He certainly helped Bubby! Worth every penny! Thanks Brian!

Henry ~ Beth and Mike

Thank you Brian Ezzell you are truly an amazing dog lover and trainer. We learned so much from you that will help shape Henry into becoming the best dog. We look forward to our next session so you can see his progress.

Lightning and Jennifer

THANK YOU BRIAN!!! I contacted Brian to get help with our dog Lightning. We adopted Lightning 3 years ago when he was 2 years old. His prior humans had abused him and severely mistreated him. After 3 years with us he suddenly began acting aggressively towards my husband whenever he showed me affection. It had gotten so bad that my husband feared Lightning might actually attack him. When I explained everything to Brian, he was able to give us steps to take when Lightning started his aggressive behavior. We implemented these techniques and Lightning has stopped the aggressive behavior! It is amazing to see the transformation! We can’t thank Brian enough for turning this horrible situation around. If you are having any sort of problem with your dog or are worried about any of your dogs behaviors, don’t give up, call Brian for help!

Lola and Isabelle

I highly recommend Brian at Brian Ezzell Dog Training!

I have a 7-year-old Pitsky that is very high energy and deals with anxiety, aggressiveness towards strangers and at times predator-like behavior towards any animal that runs.

I work on a farm, so this behavior was very undesirable for my work life.

Brian came out to my farm on multiple occasions to teach Lola to listen and be obedient around the horses and other animals.

He also took us to public locations to work on her anxiety. His dog, Belle was very good at helping Lola feel calm around the town and socialize with other dogs.

Throughout Lola’s training, Brian was extremely patient with her and she took to him immediately, which is very unlike her!

Every training session she had with him, she learned more and more.

I also learned a lot about my dog, her behavior, and what I can do to help her in certain situations to avoid certain behaviors.

Lola is now a beloved employee at our farm! She listens, she welcomes strangers to the farm, and most importantly we both are now a confident team!

Thank you again for all your patience and wisdom, Brian!

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