Salem, Devon and Blake

I feel like Brian magically appeared during a time when I was seriously looking for a trainer. My pup is amazing but she is an only child and a Covid pup on top of that so positive socialization was a top priority, as she had some negative experiences she was learning to forget.

From the moment I first messaged Brian, I got the sense we were in good hands. Kind and calculated, he laid out a plan for assessment and sessions to build confidence back in my pup and us parents.

Every sessions we’ve had overflows with value and education and good times. I feel more confident about reading my dog and being there to reassure her and guide her and she feels more positive about new interactions and doesn’t feel as overwhelmed due to our heightened communication.

I highly recommend Brian and his services. His pup Belle is also a perfect training companion for dogs who need to be reminded that there are good dogs out there to meet and make friends with.

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