Lola and Isabelle

I highly recommend Brian at Brian Ezzell Dog Training!

I have a 7-year-old Pitsky that is very high energy and deals with anxiety, aggressiveness towards strangers and at times predator-like behavior towards any animal that runs.

I work on a farm, so this behavior was very undesirable for my work life.

Brian came out to my farm on multiple occasions to teach Lola to listen and be obedient around the horses and other animals.

He also took us to public locations to work on her anxiety. His dog, Belle was very good at helping Lola feel calm around the town and socialize with other dogs.

Throughout Lola’s training, Brian was extremely patient with her and she took to him immediately, which is very unlike her!

Every training session she had with him, she learned more and more.

I also learned a lot about my dog, her behavior, and what I can do to help her in certain situations to avoid certain behaviors.

Lola is now a beloved employee at our farm! She listens, she welcomes strangers to the farm, and most importantly we both are now a confident team!

Thank you again for all your patience and wisdom, Brian!

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