Roo and Rebecca

Brian’s deftness in working with dogs is impressive enough, but his unique ability to combine that talent with exceptional people skills is what makes him such a formidable trainer. He can and will improve the relationship you have with your dog, and most importantly, he’ll do so by making you more aware of how you and your pup are communicating and why that might be, even keeping in mind to what degree the dog’s breed may be playing a role.

Our first sessions were focused on overcoming my dog’s fear of certain wood floors and footbridges; within a couple hours, Brian had her navigating a ‘problem’ store with the same exuberance that she displays in most public places. She had been outright refusing to approach even the inclines leading to particular bridges—in short order, she has progressed to making her way out to nearly half the distance across expanses over the whole of the Neuse River.

I needed reassuring that I wouldn’t exacerbate my dog’s phobias with repeated attempts at trouble spots. Brian was forthright about the long-term nature of the effort that would be required and the importance of repetition. He has also formulated a strategy for establishing boundaries on my property and improving recall off-leash, both of which were high priorities on the quality-of-life wishlist.

Brian’s thoughtful and detailed follow-up notes are enormously beneficial; they prompt me to dedicate some time to thinking about my actions as they relate to my dog’s behavior. Brian unobtrusively brings some structure and mindfulness to my approach, overcoming my general dislike of hard and fast rules, plans, etc as only a skilled ‘coach’ could.

I cannot overstate how beneficial it has been to have Brian invested in my dog’s growth, and I have no doubt that she and I will continue to overcome obstacles with his guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Brian Ezzell Dog Training!

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